Fauci funded experiments where puppies had their faces eaten alive

Some of the dogs allegedly had their vocal cords removed to stop their screams…

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Bipartisan legislators demand answers from Fauci on ‘cruel’ puppy experiments A bipartisan letter demands answers from the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and President Biden’s chief medical adviser. House members, most of whom are Republicans, want Fauci to explain himself in response to allegations brought on by the White Coat Waste Project that involve drugging puppies. Allegedly, 44 beagle puppies were used in a North Africa laboratory, and some of the dogs had their vocal cords removed so scientists could work without incessant barking. A bipartisan letter demands answers from the director of the National… Read more »


Democrats support fauci and act like he’s a hero.


https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2021/10/nih-admits-funding-risky-virus-research-in-wuhan >In its letter Wednesday, NIH included that missing progress report, which was dated August 2021. That report described a “limited experiment,” as the NIH letter phrased it, in which laboratory mice infected with an altered virus became “sicker than those infected with” a naturally occurring one. >The letter did not mention the phrase “gain-of-function research” that has become so central to the bitter clashes over COVID-19’s origins. That type of controversial research—the manipulation of pathogens with the aim of making them more infectious in order to gauge their risk to humans—has divided the virology community. A review system established… Read more »

Free Speech

these are literal monsters running America. is this even real life?

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This is why nazi Drs could do their horrors..
They think that they are serving a higher good

What do you think?

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Rittenhouse Pre-trial begins

CCW holder/good guy with a gun stops mass shooter, saves lives